I now although cannot give you anything material, I will give you my love, I believe through my efforts, I will give you want happiness, give you happiness.厘嶬數篷飢残楔低焚担麗嵎貧議叫廉,厘氏公噐低厘議握,厘猥転狛厘議適薦,厘氏揮公低誨議酔赤,公低侑牽.

i afraid lose you because i love you 厘墾殿払肇低咀葎厘握低 i afraid lose you because i miss you 厘墾殿払肇低咀葎厘訥 i afraid lose you because i so much like you 厘墾殿払肇低咀葎厘泌緩浪散低 i afraid lose you because i think you 厘墾殿

哂猟匯違委^窟閉 ̄宸嶽簡慧壓恷朔,泌惚LZ俶勣揮曳熟嶷議湖秤,賜宀頁亟公析翌議,椎担曳熟歓屎匯乂議傍隈哘乎頁:No one can hurt you or bully you, I will protect you forever, I promise. I want you happy everyday(紗倖forever湖秤弼科厚敵

For you,I will keep in silence all the time.But i will follw you.I can't give up.Please believe me.i will just do it.

音嬬払肇低,鍬咎:can't lose you.錬李辛參逸欺促麼.


1. 哂囂:Can you forgive me?I can not lose you!2. 蟻囂:Kannst du mir verzeihen?Ich kann dich nicht verlieren!3. 晩囂:あなたは暴を俯すことはできますか.暴はあなたを払うことができない!4. 躯囂:Можете ли вы простить меня?Я не могу

what i can't bear is to lose you.i can't afford to lose you.

I won't cry.Because my heart is seeking help to my couragement.粲備哘乎宸劔曳熟挫:elegant and uncanventional

I can't lose you,but in the real world I have to lose you(厘音嬬払肇低,徽嵎客散勣厘慧虹低)

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