继续前进_有道词典继续前进move on;went on;forereach更多释义>>继续前进 move on;Moving On;Keep Moving就继续前进吧 Then You Move On帮助我们继续前进 help us to carry on详细用法>>

move on

Go on! 继续前进!

不太好,I'm 30years old now,I will go on.

I have no way to retreat, only to continue to move forward我已无退路,只有继续前进

不忘初心,继续前进…Do not forget the beginning, continue to move forward

I won't change any day to move on 矢志不渝 继续前进

继续1.continue2.go on3.carry on4.go ahead 继续下去1.carry on2.go on 继续进行1.proceed2.keep up 继续做1.stick with2.go on doing 继续前进1.move on2.now move on to the second thing. move on 望采纳谢谢

原句是 keep moving forward

Commitment to move on

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