be amazed/ surprised at sb

1.使某人惊讶的是:to one's surprise;to my surprise 2.使某人惊讶或困惑:nonplus 3.使某人感到惊讶:to one's horror 4.使某人大为惊讶或感动:take one's breath away

surprised at 对..感到惊奇;惊讶;惊奇;惊讶于 例句: 1、his lady was genuinely surprised at what happened to her pet 这位女士对发生在自己宠物身上的事感到非常惊讶. 2、I was surprised at the cross-section of people there 那里的一些典型

surprise形容人的 surprising形容物的

I was astounded about what he had said.

他通过考试让我很惊讶. the fact that he passed the exam let me very surprised.

surprised 惊奇的;惊讶的;觉得奇怪的;感觉意外的 a surprised look 惊讶的神色 She looked surprised when I told her.我告诉她时她显得很惊讶.

大家对他的话都感到惊讶_有道翻译翻译结果:We are surprised for his wordswords英 [wdz]美 [wdz]n. [计] 字(word的复数);话语;言语v. 用言语表达(word的三单形式)更多释义>>[网络短语]Words 字样,字数,字眼

短语的话是:to one's surprise 写作的话可以用:what surprise somebody is that +句子

令某人惊讶的是 to one's surprise 例:令我惊讶的是,她去了美国. To my surprise, she has gone to America.

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