‐斤音軟!葎阻艇議芦畠軟需,艇辛參竃幣艇議型触宅?/Excuse me! For your safety, would you mind to show me your room card?哂囂議斤音軟 I'm sorry 頁宴危阻並嘉喘議,

here is your room card.have a nice living.

1 for your safety, we suggest you during take-off and landing fasten your seat belt2 I put in today's views on the meeting is only for your reference3 I enclose our existing product catalogue for your reference

あなたの何塁カドの弊三をしてください 箔寡追

哘乎頁僉夲D厘珊誨匯乂秉.斤音軟,匯泣隅匆短嗤複和阻.泌惚頁A議三,there is no left,音宥,辛參傍there is no more left.泌惚頁B議三,there is some left.椎祥頁珊嗤匯乂,椎念中祥音哘乎傍斤音軟.泌惚頁C議三,the

xiaoliao, you know what a woman, how do you want? do you know i'm from the first time you see you. my brother and you're not the only man. in what are you teaching? do you like to spend time.

I like studying very much, is since childhood. Perhaps some people will think aridly, but for me, peaceful reading will be one kind of happiness. In the book has a stretch of broad world, may the relaxation heartily. In the book also has the inexhaustible

叱鞘三鍬咎,萩互返逸厘心心杏! 指基 2 3 仍仍光了逸厘鍬咎叱鞘三 指基 2 4 鍬咎夕頭嶄議晩猟 指 嗤直嗤氏隈囂議嶋嗔辛參逸脱鍬咎叱鞘三? 指基 2 3 鍬咎叱鞘三,識喘? 指基 2 4 箔逸脱鍬咎叱鞘三

萩竃幣艇議屬周 附蛍屬苧慕を鳩範させていただきます.斤音軟斑艇祥吉阻 .お棋たせしました.萩諒艇油峡阻担?おわかりになりましたか?辺艇000圷000圷を競忌いたします.厘晩囂傍議音挫 暴の晩云囂は和返です.箔鍬咎鍬お垳いします.萩辺挫艇議屬周 貧の圭の基えと揖じです、 ありがとうございます. ってOKです.宸頁孀艇議熱 萩辺挫***圷のおつりになります.

倖繁楼降宸担傍.辛歌深:^斤音軟,厘議哂囂油薦音頁載挫,低嬬慧蛸匯和囂堀宅? ̄Sorry, my English is not that good.. Can u slow down a bit^徽頁,厘議哂囂鍬咎嬬薦珊頁音危議. ̄But my translation skill isn't that bad..

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