First and foremost 首先 In the first place. 首先;第一 Above all

1 one 2 two3 three4 four5 five6 six7 seven8 eight9 nine10 ten11eleven 12 twelve

问题补充:帮我把回答的这段话翻译成英文!“是的,我们好久没联系了,你最近过的好吗,你的马怎么样了,还是那么胖吗?你能发张那马的照片给我看吗?我想它一定很可爱!”Yes ,we haven't been contacted for a long time.How are you recently?What about your horse Is it as fat as usual?Can you send me a photo of your horse?I think it must be very cute!以上.没了吧,我有一段儿时间没跟你说话了.我姐姐现在在上海.你要回答什么,这不是问句.

1in a positive way 2become unhappy 3behave with sb 4An exciting race 5he is asking for help 6look excited 7He will die / death 8a chance of achieving one's dream 9the boy is used to telling a lie 10mind our grammar 11fuzhou daily 12afford to do

I have some plans on the Lantern Festival!


《再别康桥》英文翻译及背景Saying Good-bye to Cambridge Again徐志摩 by Xu Zhimo 轻轻的我走了,Very quietly I take my leave 正如我轻轻的来; As quietly as I came

梦溪笔谈 卷一 故事一 学士院轶事 原文 学士院玉堂,太宗皇帝曾亲幸,至今唯学士上日许正坐,他日皆不敢独坐.故事:堂中设视草台,每草制,则具衣冠据台而坐.今不复

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