What can I say any more?我还能说什么?I want to say thank you.我想说感谢.

首先宾语从句后面要接从句,也就是说它要接句子 结构为:say+主+谓+宾 而say to do sth就相当于一个句型 造句:He said that he would go 这里后面接了个句子 He said to go out to play 动词不定式做宾语,把它看成一个句式就可以

give a talk 英[iv t:k] 美[v e tk] [词典] 做讲演(报告); [例句]After making a few modest remarks he finally agreed to come and give a talk.他谦虚了一番,终于答应来作一次演讲.

tell 是告诉的意思 ie,i tell you……speak有说的意思ie, can u speak English? 你能说英语么?talk有谈论还有聊天意思ie, what r u talking about?你在谈论什么?say也有说的意思,不过比较直译没有speak那么正式ie, say hi to ur friend.替我跟你朋友问好大概就是这样啦~希望对你有帮助啊

He was ill, and therefore could not come. 他病了, 所以未能来. When I say that the boys are lazy, I except you. 我说男孩懒惰, 并不包括你. I feel depressed because I lost my bike which one do you like best? who are you? will you let me do this?

1.look like ---Lily looks like her mother.2.want to dosth-- I want to go shopping.3.on the weekend--What can we do on the weekend?4.look through--Look through this window and you'll see a beautiful garden.5.wait in line--We should wait in line.6.

1.The difference of you and me is weight.2.The dishes taste differently.3.I don't love you also.4.you love me,as well I love you.5.Please touch me onemore time.

1.I carry the table to the yard.2.My mother never shouts at me.3.I find out the book on the ground.4.The window is break.5.Tom won the game.6.I send the book to the library.7.I leave home at 7 o'clock everyday.8.Don't put the book on the ground.9.Tom lose the game.10.I picked up the pen for Tom.

He was ill, and therefore could not come.他病了, 所以未能来.When I say that the boys are lazy, I except you.我说男孩懒惰, 并不包括你.I feel depressed because I lost my bikewhich one do you like best?who are you?will you let me do this?It's

look and say翻译是:看一看,说一说.中文谐音:路克 安德 塞伊look [lk],看;样子;面容;say [se],讲;说明;例如;声称;假设;指明

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