我记得的有3种 by train / by railway / by rail乘这/那辆火车:take this/ that train 乘某人的火车(和某人同车):take the same train as XXXby sea就是乘船by water没有这种说法

first time travelling by train

火车 [huǒ chē] train; choochoo; iron horse 例句:你一定要坐火车旅行吗?Must you travel by train?

坐火车去上海是很便宜的It is cheap to take a train to Shanghai.

I'll go by train.I'll go on a train.I'll go by railway.

I take the train toMy means of transport is the trainI went to is to ride the train

take train by train 英式音标:[tek] [tren] [ba] [tren] 美式音标:[tek] [tren] [ba] [tren]

Last year, I traveled to Beijing by train. It was very fast. I like travel by train, because I like the feeling in the train. Besides, I can enjoy the scenery on the way. However, after the journey last week, I don't want to travel by train anymore, because it is too

take a train例句: I took a train to visit my friend yesterday.by train例句: I go to school by train everyday.

标准答案:He takes a train to his company every day.he goes to his company by train every day.it is by train that he goes to his company.

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