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英语小说 《歌剧院的幽灵》 故事梗概 中英文对照

詹妮弗巴塞特是一位经验丰富的教师和作家.她生活和工作在英国西南部的德文郡.你相信有鬼吗?当然不会相信.我们喜欢谈论鬼,喜欢讲述关于鬼的故事,但我们并非真的相信有鬼……是不是? 1880年,在巴黎歌剧院发生了一件不可思

The Phantom Of The Opera is one Of Andrew Lloyd webber's masterpieces.(《The Phantom Of the Opera》是音乐剧大师安德鲁劳埃德韦伯的代表作之一.) With wonderful music, romantic plot and perfect dance, it has become an eternal

“书虫”是牛津大学出版社奉献给世界英语学习者的一大精品.书虫在英语中大约是颇可爱的形象,试想想如痴如醉沉迷于书卷,孜孜不倦咀嚼着字母的那一只书虫…… 如今这只“书虫”漂洋过海,轻盈地落在了中国英语学习者的掌中.“书虫

"The bookworm" is the Oxford University publishing house offers forworld English study big high-quality goods. The bookworm in Englishprobably is the quite lovable image, considers wants to sink as ifdeluded confuses to the books, diligently is

The ghost of the opera theatre The story was written by a Franch author who was named Guyston Lerocs. the silly story was about a famous actor who was disfigured .He lived along in the basement ,and he built a country for himself,he was a sick

如果你是在书虫里读到的,那最好了,我也是的,所以开头可以有点书虫的介绍充数字. 不少是摘抄的,但是我自己也更改了很多,所以这个可以多借鉴一些. "The bookworm" is the Oxford University publishing house offers forworld English

《Ghost of the opera house》 the story happens in famous world Paris opera house. A sequence of dreadful event happened in the Paris opera house , has rumour to say theatre is haunted thereupon right away. "Ghost" of the opera house is


中 央 歌 剧 院 简 介 中央歌剧院是隶属于文化部的国家歌剧院,始建于1952年,目前是中国及亚太地区具有规模优势和实力的歌剧院.中央歌剧院现有歌剧团、合唱团、交响乐团和舞台美术部.歌剧团聚集着众多优秀的歌剧表演艺术家,他们大

Review of Andrew Lloyd Webber - The Royal Albert Hall Celebration Internet Movie Download Sites Heads Up In 1998 a concert at the Royal Albert Hall celebrated Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber's 50th birthday and featured more than two hours of hits

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