我有一篇范文,自己写的,希望能帮帮你.Introduce myselfHi,everyone!My name is (姓名,最好再说英文名).I'm in (学校).I want to be a reporter of Wuxi

关于蜜蜂的:I am a little bee.We are a group of bee life.In a colony of bees:there are three kinds of a queen,only a few tens of thousands and thousands of drones to worker

按照你的字数要求,只有考研和六级作文的字数才符合.下面是俺给你找的6篇,其实你自己也可以网上找的.1. College Graduates Work as Village Officials There is no denying the fact that it is a hotly debated topic today how college graduates

关于蜜蜂的:I am a little bee. We are a group of bee life. In a colony of bees: there are three kinds of a queen, only a few tens of thousands and thousands of drones to worker only. I was one of the 10 million worker bees. My mother is the body of

I have a dog,his name is Joy.He is very lovely like other dogs.When he feels happy,he always wags his tail.When he wants to eat food,he often follows me until I give him

I have a good habit of life.,this habit let me keep healthy,let me tell you!Before I go to school every day,I will go to the park to exerciseI.eat food that is healthy!I eat vegetables

Sanya is a pleasant place to visit.The reason why Sanya attracts and pleases people are not hard to discover.Sanya is superior in geography climate and natural resources,endowed by nature,are not only special in China,but also rare in the world.It

Learning a foreign language has been a most trying experience for me,but one that I instead of staring into space when English is being spoken,I can participate and make

请问楼主是从一个大学生的角度来写吗? The following is my opinion, I hope that it will help you. During my high school period, I was always looking forward to experiencing a new life in the university. I felt tight and tense towards my high school life

Chinese Dumpling Chinese dumplings or Jiaozi,with meat and vegetable fillings,is a traditional Chinese Food,which is essential during holidays in Northern China.Chinese are Masters in the Art of Making Dumplings.History The history of jiaozi

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